How to object is currently undergoing re-development

we want to make commenting as easy as possible 


An easy way to object online to new housing sites on our Greenbelt

To help you respond to each proposal for new housing sites on Greenbelt land in Northowram and Shelf, the Forum has scrutinised the Council’s site assessments underpinning each proposal, identified the grounds for objection against them, and then prepared an easy click-through method for you to submit your comments and objections to the Council’s own Published Local Plan portal.

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Click here to go to the Calderdale Published Local Plan website
  2. At the top of that page, click on the Login/Register tab. You must register or be registered with the Council in order to be able to comment/object on proposed sites. Need help with registering? Visit our How To Register Page here for simple step by step instructions
  3. Then click here to go to the list of allocated housing sites on our website. This page will open in a new tab to ensure this instruction page is still easy to view.
  4. Select the village you are interested in and you will then see the allocated sites in that village. Note - The council produced Site Assessment for each site, if you click the link to the Site Assessment, a pdf document will be downloaded to your device for you to view. 
  5. Then, for the site you’re interested in, click on the "S.N.L.P.F. Comments for this site" button and this will open in a separate tab. You can read the our assessment of the Council proposal, and also our suggested comments. You can take your time to read all the information available.
  6. When you are ready to make your objection, click on the button "Comment on this site". and this will take you directly to the correct page within the Local Plan for the site you’re interested in, again in a new tab. (Remember you will need to register/login to submit comments.) The process now involves you switching between these two open tabs: S.N.L.P.F. Comments for this site and the Calderdale Council consultation.


We are still working on the rest of the mechanism for commenting

please bear with us!