An easy way to object online to new housing sites on our Greenbelt

To help you respond to each and every proposal for new housing sites on Greenbelt land in Northowram and Shelf, the Forum has scrutinised the Council’s site assessments underpinning each proposal, identified the grounds for objection against them, and then prepared an easy click-through method for you to submit your comments and objections to the Council’s own Local Plan portal.

Here’s how you do it!

  1. Click here to go to the list of proposed housing sites on Calderdale Council’s own Local Plan consultation website, section 9.6 which lists the Northowram & Shelf proposed new housing sites.
  2. At the top of that page, click on the Login/Register tab. You need to register with the Council in order to be able to comment/object on proposed sites. Need help with registering? Visit our How To Register Page here for simple step by step instructions
  3. Then click here to go to the list of proposed housing sites on this Forum’s website. This page will open in a new tab to ensure this instruction page is still easy to view.
  4. Select the village you are interested in and you will then see a list of the proposed sites in that village. Note - The council have produced their own Site Assessment and Greenbelt review for each site location. If you click these links, a pdf document will be downloaded to your device for you to view. The interactive site map is also available for you to view.
  5. Then for the site you’re interested in, click on the button "Forum’s Suggested Comments" and this will open in a separate tab. Read the Forum’s assessment of the Council proposal, and our suggested comments, which you can ‘copy and paste’ if you wish. You can take your time to read all the information available, and if you wish actually visit the site.
  6. When you are ready to make your comment, click on the button "Calderdale Council Consultation". This will take you directly to the Council Local Plan web page for the site you’re interested in, again in a new tab. (Remember you will need to register/login to submit comments.) The process now involves you switching between these two open tabs: Forum’s Suggested Comments and Calderdale Council consultation.
  7. On the Council page the first question is whether you ‘agree with the proposed outcome of the site assessment’. Please select Yes or No as per the Forum’s recommendation on the other tab
  8. The next box is Site Assessments, where you can select the categories that you want to comment on. The Forum has commented on many of these categories, so before you make your choice first read the Forum’s own site assessment to see which we believe are important for this site. The ‘Highways’ and ‘Green Belt’ categories are particularly important. The Forum’s assessment has been prepared after our careful analysis of the issues for each site. If your particular concern isn’t included in the list of categories, select ‘Other factors’
  9. As you select a category on the Council page, a separate comments box will open for each one. Please ensure you put your comment in the correct box.
  10. There are two ways to provide a comment, particularly on the issues of Greenbelt, and Highways (which includes traffic congestion and other transport issues). EITHER simply ‘copy and paste’ the Forum’s suggested comments from the other tab, and when you’ve done that please do add any personal comments on the issue you wish. OR you can write your own comments entirely.
  11. Repeat this process for other categories of the Site Assessment box. You can do as many or few as you wish, but please complete the Highways and Green Belt options if you can.
  12. The next box on the Council page is ‘Additional Information’. You can upload photos or documents if you wish, but the Forum does not have any additional information for you to upload.
  13. The next box is ‘Additional Comments’ which you can use for two purposes. EITHER just ‘copy and paste’ the suggested text from our ‘Additional Comments’ in the Forum’s assessment. OR you can use this box to add your own personal comments, about this particular site or the amount of proposed development in Northowram & Shelf and its consequences. Please take this opportunity to express your personal concerns.
  14. The last three boxes are Alternative proposed use for this site, Alternative site boundary, and Additional sites. Most people won’t need to fill these in.
  15. At the bottom of the page, you have two choices. You can EITHER ‘Save as draft’ which allows you to prepare your consultation response for this and other sites in stages before finally submitting it before 29th September; OR you can Submit it immediately. The ‘Save as draft’ option allows you to refine your response with more information during the first half of the consultation.
  16. Once submitted, your consultation response will be visible online to every other registered person so please remember this when considering what comments to make and when you choose to make them.
  17. If you’re interested in commenting on more than one site, please then repeat the process for others by returning to the site list here. You have plenty of time to respond to all the proposed housing sites in Northowram & Shelf. The deadline is 5pm on Friday 29th September.

If you want to comment on how the Forum’s objections page is working, or have a suggestion as to how it can be improved, please contact us