In order to be able to object or comment on the local plan, you must be registered in the Council database.

Registration is easy, simply visit the following link

Click the Login/Register link at the top right of the page, and when prompted, choose to register:

register 1.JPG

On the next page, choose the option to register as a Consultee:

Complete all the fields on the Consultee Registration page to set up your account and click OK:

After submission you will receive an email from the council to confirm your account. After you have confirmed, your account is created and you are ready to add your objection or comment on sites that you would like to comment on. Also, once you have registered, you will be automatically informed, through your email address of progress on the Local Plan and the Examination in Public.

Already Registered? Click here to visit our proposed sites page

How to make comments on the local plan by Email

You can also email  - however if you intend to use email we urge you to make use of the on-line Consultation Portal where your comments will be loaded directly into the database and therefore will not require interpretation from the council to ensure they are correctly recorded. You will be able to write and save draft comments before reviewing them for submission.

How to make comments on the local plan in Writing

If someone you know does not have any access to the internet to enable them to make comments on the Local plan, they will be able to view the local plan in libraries around the area.  They are able to comment on the plan by writing in to:

The Local Plan Team,
Westgate House,