LP0030, Hough Mills, Bradford Road

Estimated Capacity: 14
Site Status: Brownfield within Primary Employment area

SNLPF summary assessment: (this is for your information, do not copy into your comment)
This is a small, relatively flat site on Bradford Road recently occupied by Kluber Lubrication. It is currently designated as a Primary Employment site but the owner wants to sell and re-locate. It overlooks Chelsea Valley, part of the Shibden Valley Special Landscape Area (SLA)

Shelf & Northowram Local Plan Forum’s suggested comments for this site:

Proposed outcome of the site assessment is for Housing Development.
SNLPF suggestion: Disagree (NO)

SNLPF Site assessment

Highways: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
The Highways Development ‘Site Access’ statement is contested as it is wholly unsubstantiated.
The local highway network in Northowram & Shelf is already congested but no figures for current or future traffic volumes and congestion have been provided, preventing an informed understanding of future problems, at this site and for the area as a whole.

Historic Environment: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
The identified impact in the Council site assessment is contested.

Employment land Study: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
Since the Local Plan is proposing major housing growth in Northowram & Shelf, an area with already major traffic congestion and inadequate highway infrastructure, it’s even more important that local employment sites should be retained to provide ‘jobs that don’t need journeys to work’. The owner’s wish to sell-up should not dictate the future use of the land. The industrial premises could be re-used to support small business start-ups in the area. The proposal to re-designate as Primary Housing is contradictory to para 14.11 of the DLP and Local Plan policy EE1.

Other: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
This site is one of 29 proposed new housing sites in Northowram and Shelf Ward, which would increase the number of houses by 2057. This scale of development will drastically change the nature of our communities and local environment, and cause unsustainable pressures on roads and other social infrastructure. Instead the focus of development in Calderdale’s Local Plan should be on the regeneration of brownfield sites in sustainable town centres.

Accessibility: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
The journey times specified in the Council site assessment are contested.

Additional Comments: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
I propose that the land remain as Primary Employment.
I have read the suggested comments for this proposed housing site prepared by the Shelf and Northowram Local Plan Forum and agree with them.

Alternative proposed use for this site:

Alternative site boundary:
No response required

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