LP1044, Hud Hill Farm, Northowram

Estimated Capacity: 73
Site Status: Greenfield within Greenbelt

SNLPF summary assessment: (this is for your information, do not copy into your comment)

Although the site address is Northowram, it is separate from that settlement and should really be considered as part of the Shelf settlement. The site encompasses the whole of Hud Hill Farm so it is unclear if or how it would be incorporated into the development. LP1045 has been merged with this site to provide sufficient access, a walled lane and Public footpath run across the site.

Shelf & Northowram Local Plan Forum’s suggested comments for this site:

Proposed outcome of the site assessment is for Housing Development.
SNLPF suggestion: Disagree (NO)

SNLPF Site assessment

Highways: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
Access is not possible onto Score Hill as it is a single track road with poor sight lines. The council’s assessment state that it will be difficult to provide a suitable access onto Brighouse and Denholmegate Road.
Car trips generated by the proposed 73 houses would increase congestion at the important Shelf roundabout. The local highway network in Northowram & Shelf is already congested but no figures for current or future traffic volumes and congestion have been provided, preventing an informed understanding of future problems, at this site and for the area as a whole.

Environmental Health: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
The identified impact in the Council site assessment is contested.

Accessibility: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
The journey times specified in the Council site assessment are contested.

Greenbelt: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
This site provides an important buffer between the settlements of Northowram and Shelf. The Council’s own assessment states that this site fulfils four of the five purposes of Greenbelt. The northern limit to the site has no logical boundary as required by NPPF. There is a walled lane and Public Footpath across the proposed site which would be destroyed by the development.

Additional Comments: (we suggest you can ‘copy and paste’ the comments below)
I propose that the land remain as Green Belt.
I have read the suggested comments for this proposed housing site prepared by the Shelf and Northowram Local Plan Forum and agree with them.

Alternative proposed use for this site:
No response required

Alternative site boundary:
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