Consultation Drop In Sessions

Calderdale Council are holding drop in sessions for the Published Local Plan. 

You can talk to a planning officer between 4pm and 7pm at the following venues/dates:

  • Thursday 23rd August at Hebden Bridge Library;
  • Monday 3rd September at Brighouse Library;
  • Thursday 6th September at Halifax Library.

Officers will also be available at Halifax Customer First every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (from 9am until 1pm) .

Local Plan Update Aug 6

The final version of the Calderdale Local Plan will soon be released for public consultation so we thought it was a good time to update everyone on what will happen.

Barring any delays, the final version will be released for comments at 9.00am on Fri 10 Aug and will stay open until 5.00pm on Mon 24 Sep. This version is called the Published Local Plan and is the one that will be sent to the Secretary of State early next year for examination and approval.

In 2017 we were consulted on the Draft LP and there were around 3000 comments raised about the huge amount of housing proposed for Shelf and Northowram, many times more than any other Ward in the Borough. That campaign was a great success because we have seen the number of proposed houses reduced from around 2000 down to 576 on just 5 sites. So, you can see that your comments really did make a difference.

For the Draft LP, all the comments went to the Council Planners and they decided what changes to make, or not as the case may be. This time it will be different. The Published Plan cannot be changed by the planners and all comments, along with the Published Plan, will be submitted to the Secretary of State. An Independent Inspector is then appointed to carry out a full, public examination of the entire Plan and all supporting documents, comments etc. SNLPF intend to have a seat at the table for that public examination.

For the Draft LP last year, we produced a set of suggested comments on our website that residents could use to make their own comments. That was so successful that we’ll be doing the same again for the Published LP.

Although we know the location of the proposed sites, we haven’t seen the Published Plan yet, we think commenting will be very similar but with slightly different questions from last time. We’re working to produce our suggested comments but we cannot finalise them until we see the exact commenting format. Once we see that, it will take us a few days to update the website so don’t worry if it doesn’t change straight away, we’ll let everyone know when it’s ready.


First, you must be registered if you want to comment online, those who commented online last time are already registered. If you’re not registered, you can use website to help you.

Our website is still being updated but we will have comments ready as soon as possible

The website comments relate ONLY to proposed sites, they do not cover the entire set of policies etc. in the plan. If you wish to comment on anything other than sites in Shelf and Northowram you should do that separately, it will soon become obvious what you have to do.

We are only making comments on 4 of the 5 sites, they are the ones in Greenbelt or that have other significant impacts on our villages.   

The sites are:

LP0221, Windmill Drive, Northowram (46 houses)

LP0782, Cockhill Lane, Shelf (165 houses)

LP1041, West Street, Shelf (20 houses)

LP1543, Land behind Wade House Road, Shelf (330 houses)

We will be distributing nearly 4000 information leaflets throughout Shelf and Northowram during the week leading up to 10 Aug. so look out for yours. 

REMEMBER the Local Plan is not a ‘done deal’ and your comments can make a difference.

News on the Published Local Plan

All comments made by residents [over 3000] on the previous Draft Local Plan have finally been examined and considered by the Council.  The planning team have amended the Local Plan and it was submitted to a full council meeting for approval to 'Publish'   

Approval to Publish was given by Council in June and there are now only 6 sites in the Local Plan for Shelf and Northowram village.  Consultation on the Published Local Plan will take place soon.  This time objections and comments made against the Local Plan will be summarised and included in document to be submitted to the Secretary of State for an Examination in Public. The Council cannot make any further changes to the Published Local Plan as a result of any objections or comments made. 

Whilst we have been quiet of late, we have been on doing lots of work behind the scenes.  We have done a huge amount of research into all aspects of the Local Plan and are working on providing new comments for residents to use to object to the Published Local Plan.  Once the comments are ready, they will be uploaded to our website and made available for use.

We are currently waiting for the Published Local Plan to be made available to view on the Calderdale website.  Once it has been released, we will be able to examine all policies and site allocations to ensure our comments are accurate and correct. 

Consultation opens on 10 August 2018 - so you cannot object just yet

We will make sure that residents are updated when consultation opens and we encourage you to object.