Keep Calm - Our Help Pages are on their way

After a great meeting tonight, we are pleased to say that we are a massive step closer to completing our website and providing you with key information to help with commenting on the Calderdale Draft Local Plan

We have finalised the format and we have worked hard to make the information as clear and straightforward as possible. Very soon we will have pages that will:

  • Help you to register on the Calderdale Consultation Portal if you have not already done so
  • Clearly see the sites on a village map so that you can see exactly where the developments are and how they will affect you
  • Provide you with comments on each proposed sites that you can simply copy and paste in to the council website
  • Guide you through the commenting process, breaking it down to make it simple and straight forward directly related to each

Please bear with us, its a massive amount of work and our volunteers are working hard to ensure the huge amount of data is displayed in a way that is understandable and useful.

It is important to remember that the consultation period is open until the 29th September so there is still a long time left for you to read our information, digest other sources and then post your comments on the council site.

As soon as we are published, we will let you know so keep an eye out on Facebook or sign up to our mailing list on the homepage

Thanks, SNLPF