For several years the Council has been developing a Local Plan to replace the current RCUDP (Replacement Calderdale Unitary Development Plan) in 2019. Its main purpose as far as residents are concerned, is to identify land where development can take place over the next 15 years or so until 2031-32.

As part of this work, the Council Planners invited residents to a meeting in Shelf Village Hall in Feb 2014. At the meeting they displayed maps showing proposed building sites for thousands of houses in Shelf and Northowram Ward. They asked us for comments (they called it CONSULTATION) but made it clear that the sites were only proposals and that our two villages would only be getting around 220 houses each, as our fair share of the total 14000 houses for Calderdale.

Over the years the number of houses has slowly crept up until we were told in March 2017 that around 3000 houses were proposed for Shelf and Northowram, the vast majority in Shelf, 96% of the proposed houses were to be on Green Belt. The planners had ignored every comment from the ‘consultation’ and had in fact added even more sites.

Following a well-attended meeting of residents and Ward Councillors in Shelf Village Hall on 12 Apr we formed this group to fight these INAPPROPRIATE and UNSUSTAINABLE levels of development.

The Local Plan is now almost ready for consultation and this is where you can do your bit to fight these proposals.  The number of houses proposed for the ward is now 2057 and 95% of these are to be built on Green Belt.  Please see our timeline illustration for the local plan below, highlighting key dates and the processes involved through to the public enquiry.